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Dream, choose, wait, own: A digital experience of becoming a homeowner

- Only by being together with the customers themselves, can we understand their needs well enough, says senior designer at Halogen, Anne Zanussi, who has worked with the housing construction company Block Watne for several years.

Meetings with nine different types of customers resulted in a visual representation of the customer journey. All the steps the home buyers go through in the process towards their own home made it possible to see how customer satisfaction developed during the purchase process.

- This allowed us to zoom in and work on lifting the experience exactly where it was needed, says Zanussi.

One year after the launch of both the "dream - choose - wait - own" concept, new website and several other measures, the effect was clear: The number of leads had increased, downloads of prospects from the website had multiplied, customer satisfaction had improved and sales had increased significantly.

"The construction manager's job goes faster as well, and the information goes straight into our system. This means that we can collect data and use it in evaluations. Previously, we had scanned papers that could not be searched", Bjørnar Tretterud, marketing director at Obos Block Watne, concludes.

Our reflections

This case has been very useful and we use it a lot both internally and externally. It shows the difference digitalisation can make, especially if you have a holistic perspective when crafting the service. In this case “everybody” is happy - the customer, the builder and construction company.

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