KDI Digital Twin

Digital Twin of large, complex industrial processes

A digital twin is a visualisation of a complex physical asset such as a power plant. It surfaces important real-time data, supports decision making and creates better situational awareness.

A twin can simulate projects and repairs to save days of work, it can boost efficiency by helping to proactively identify repairs before they’re needed, and it can empower people on the ground with the right information at the right time. But without robust design methods such a product will simply add complexity without delivering genuine value to the user. This is where Halogen came in.

We have been Kongsberg Digital’s strategic design partner since 2017, helping to create a product that delivers genuine value to users. We have uncovered value from users and stakeholders, prioritised ideas, translated needs into solutions, and tested prototypes.

Our reflections

With this partnership Halogen adds to our record of delivering on complex industrial processes with many moving parts. We have enjoyed seeing how data and AI can challenge existing organisational and management structures, by empowering workers further down the value chain to make informed decisions.

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