The scope of what design is, and can deliver has matured over the years. Today design is much more than designing artefacts. Halogen has a wide portfolio of services addressing everything from complex strategic management challenges to design driven innovation and ecosystem transformations. Regardless of what we are designing there are some common traits in what we do:

  • We discover and design for human and planetary need
  • We create value (both economical and societal) through user value
  • We facilitate co-creative processes
  • We understand problems holistically
  • We visualise
  • We test and prototype along the way
  • We act as change agents in the way we organise the design process


We design strong business concepts and business models based on the needs of your existing and future clients.

In the Halogen universe you will find the company Kvesst that specialises in delivering design driven business strategies.


All design driven innovation processes start with insight; we collect information from a people planet perspective taking into account both the user needs and sustainability. In the actual design phase the accumulated insight is used to create a new product or service. This is done in an iterative way, prototyping and testing and testing until the solution is ready to be Implemented or launched  on market

Service Design/Systemic design

Service design gives our customers a holistic perspective of their services.

At Halogen we use a combination of service design and systemic design to create services.  We develop user friendly services that if necessary span across silos, sectors and governmental levels.

Design helps to both understand the complexity in a service and embrace and handle the complexity in the design process.

Digital design

Our designers specialise in making strong digital concepts that are passed on to external software engineers that do the back-end coding and bring our concept to life. We put pride in focusing on the user-experience, i.e. we are always looking for ways of reducing friction and creating user friendly experiences.

Ecosystems innovation

It is almost impossible to make it alone in today’s changing world. Ecosystems are a powerful way to tackle complex challenges and help organisations with sustainable transformations such as introducing a circular business or addressing a “mission”.  At Halogen we combine systemic thinking, foresight and systemic innovation to drive systems change at scale.

Safety critical operations

Halogen is the only design consultancy that deals with safety-critical design. Over the past twelve years we have built up a team of specialist designers who work on everything from overall operating philosophies to detailed design of interfaces and physical surroundings.


Building urban areas is not just about construction. We place people at the centre, ensuring that communities flourish and development is sustainable. We focus on the services and systems that enable people to interact in urban environments.


Halogen uses foresight as an innovative strategic planning tool. A foresight does not predict or forecast the future, but works with alternative futures that can be backcasted and turned into adaptive transformational strategies.

“Halogen supports organisational transformation.”

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